Client: Cogiva
Location: Mechelen
Realization: 2016 – …
Design team: Tom Verschueren, David Driesen, Nandi Degrave, Nina Dalla, Ine Papen, Lennart Visser
Credits 3D image: Nina Dalla
Size: 17 houses, 25 apartments

A green residential village on the edge of the town

The reallocation of an industrial site in Mechelen resulted in the new Auweghem residence. dmvA didn’t design a large monolith, but a small residential village consisting of various residential typologies around a large courtyard. Diversity and individuality of living was the main focus when designing this residence with park vibe. The project with 25 apartments and 17 houses is located on a slope, which is probably related to the fact that there was once a mill situated. This discovery inspired the architect for the design of the corner building.